About the Company

Eileen Steets Quann

Since it was founding in 1987 as a woman-owned small business, Fastrak Training Inc. has delivered over 350,000 contact hours of training to over 135 government and industry organizations in software engineering, software process improvement based upon the SEI Capability Maturity Model, project management, quality assurance, configuration management, object-oriented methods, and the Ada programming language. Customized facilitated workshops also help organizations perform self-assessments and develop their own software policies, procedures and standards.

To those of you who know Fastrak Training Inc., I would like to update you on what has transpired since we last worked together. In April 1997, my husband John suffered a massive intracerebral hemorrhage that left him paralyzed on his right side and with severe cognitive disabilities. In May, I decided to close the Fastrak offices. All employees were let go by September of 1997, and I moved the office into my home where I continue to do some limited consulting. John's physical recovery was nothing short of miraculous. His cognitive skills also made significant recovery and we continued to work daily on those areas until his death in 2002 following a final hemorrhage. I have written a book By His Side - Life and Love After Stroke about our experiences since his stroke. It is a book about hope and miracles and hard work. It is now available as a trade paperback. You may purchase it at www.fastrak.com

Fastrak Training Inc. is no longer in the Ada or Object-Oriented business. However, persons looking for training in either of those areas who contact me through e-mail will be directed to one of our former instructors who is excellent.

Occasionally we still get requests for articles that were written by us. Those articles are now available on this web site. To view the articles Click Here.

Best wishes in your software efforts. You may contact me by clicking on the e-mail icon below.

Fastrak Training Inc.